It's been a year since we have had our pond installed, and I must say it still is the highlight of our back yard project. Thank you for your beautiful creation. With the many nightmares we had on our backyard project, it's nice to say that yours was the only project that was trouble free.

You did what you said you were going to do and it came out beautiful. Thanks for all you help, dedication, and your professionalism. We have had many comments on the pond and how amazed people and friends are with it. As you say in your Thank You letter, “We now sit back, relax and escape into our world of Water gardening”. Once again, Thanks.

Tom & Anita Marsh
Murrieta CA

We just had to write and tell you how very very pleased we are with our Koi pond and waterfall. Words alone cannot properly describe the way we feel about you and your work. We are so grateful for the way that you were able to complete the project in such a timely manner so that we could move our Koi from our other home that we had just sold.

We especially appreciated the way that you kept us involved the design, location, and look of the whole project, and that you came up with so many great ideas.

Thanks to your vision and design work, attention to detail, and hands on construction, right down to the placement of all the rocks made this project such a delight to have done.

We get so much enjoyment and relaxation from it, not to mention the improvement to our property, and all the compliments and raves we get from our neighbors, friends, and everyone who sees it. We actually have had our neighbors bring their friends and family over to see what a great addition to our yard the pond and waterfall has made.

In closing let me reiterate what we have told you before, that if you ever need a referral, or a recommendation, or if you ever need to bring a client over to our home to show your work you can count on us to support you.

Ric & Judy Steele

I've wanted a waterfall for about three years, my husband was always going to build us one when he retired. After a few RV trips he was ready to go back to work, so much for him building our waterfall.

After walking around Toms Farm I saw just what we wanted they gave us the number to Natural Water Gardens. Rod came out to explain everything and gave us lots of good ideas.

When the work began from day one everything went just like clockwork. It is so relaxing to set outside or in our kitchen to hear and watch the water my husband can even see and hear it from his recliner. We also hear from our bedroom just like being in our RV camped by a mountain spring.

We Love It! Thanks

Ray and Elaine Yaggi
Yorba Linda CA

Thank You and your crew for your expertise and professionalism as well as your creative design of the gorgeous 4 tier waterfall for my front yard. Every day as I come or go from my home, I get the opportunity to see the beauty of your creation and it really does bring a sense of PEACE and SMILE to me. I know this is one of the best investments I made to my house since it's brought so much beauty and characteristic to my home.

Hope this helps, Rod. Sincerely, I LOVE MY WATERFALL!!! Thank you so much and if I do come across any homebuyers that want a waterfall, I'll bring them your way! Have a good night!

Jen Chang

Even at the beginning stages as you were creating our pond; already we saw a positive difference in our back yard. We saw it come to life (in surprisingly minimal time with all the natural touches you incorporated into our very own water garden. It has become such a beautiful focal point.

We would definitely recommend you in a heartbeat ‑ eager to share our pleasant experience and your expertise.

Jose & Olivia Acosta

Now that the water feature is completed, we want you to know how pleased we are with the results. The owner's goal was to incorporate a water feature that has the look and feel of running springs, hence the name of the development "Canyon Springs". At the same time, they are concerned about sustainable construction methods and materials. The Aquascape Design products that were used and your creative talent combined to achieve these goals. The liner system definitely offers superior design flexibility. The pondless circulation feature is also a plus as it eliminates some of the maintenance inherent in other designs considered. The finished product is a beautiful, natural looking water feature.

We are particularly thankful for your patience, attention to detail and professional execution of the project. You stuck with us over the many months while we were deciding where and when to construct this amenity. Many thanks on a job well done.

Rod Chisessi
Samuels & Company, Inc.
Canyon Springs Marketplace North, Riverside, CA

Thank you so much for the lovely waterfall in our backyard. Bill and I have enjoyed the look and sound of your waterfall for the past year. We are constantly complimented on the natural beauty of your waterfall.

It is with great appreciation that I write to tell you, and any of your prospective customers, how happy we have been with your workmanship. You were prompt, creative, and extremely professional. You and your assistants kept my yard neat and clean as you worked. When you were finished I had a waterfall set in a yard that didn't look like it had been torn apart in the least. Again, thank you for all you did for us.

Kay Gruber

Rod Galasso designed and constructed a water garden which transformed an outdoor living space into a beautiful paradise where we can relax, and enjoy quality time with family and friends. The water garden is the focal point of our back yard and provides a soothing noise and has the natural ability to attract a variety of birds.

Rod's creation has become a backyard habitat and ecosystem. This water garden which has a three tiered water fall fit our yard, life style and budget. All aspects including design were handled by his contracting firm. We were presented with a finished product that has been the center of our enjoyment since we turned it on and subsequently installed 16 Koi.

Rod is a real professional with superior business acumen.

Rocky and Mary DeVoid

What a pleasure it is to awake to the sound of trickling water just below my second‑story balcony!

Thank you for the installation of my beautiful fishpond and waterfall. It adds just the right touch to this dry yard. I enjoy the look of water over the river rocks, the darting fish, and the Plants in and around the pool.

From start to finish was less than a week. The completed price was the Same as the initial estimate. Your follow‑up visits answered my questions Assured perfect operations. The workers were competent and polite.

A satisfied customer with thanks.

Barbara Anderson
Lake Elsinore, CA

photos waterfalls ponds streamsCalifornia Landscape Contractor's Assn.

When my wife and I decided to have a Koi pond installed in the side yard of our new home, we knew exactly what we wanted from start to finish.  We had Koi ponds at our previous home and were quite aware of what was involved in the process and what the cost should be.

We interviewed several "pond companies", most of which were landscapers looking to expand their horizons and get into the pond business.  Needless to say, we were getting tired of the same song and dance.  The companies we interviewed couldn't answer simple questions and could not give us a firm price.  Not to mention, they knew nothing about Koi or their upkeep.  We were greatly relieved when we interviewed Rod Gallasso, owner of Natural Water Gardens, Inc

Rod was not only extremely knowledgeable of the entire pond process and all equipment involved, but he knew about Koi, pond plants, and their upkeep.  Rod and his company were also Aquascape Certified which sealed the deal for us.

Natural Water Gardens started the pond exactly when Rod told us they would start.  The construction area was clean and barely disturbed anthing around it.  Rod finished on time and not a penny more than he quoted!  Our new Koi pond is absolutely gorgeous.  We are thrilled with the quality, beauty, and tranquility of our new pond.  The pond is exactly what we wanted and exactly what Rod said it would look like.  No surprises!

We highly recommend Rod Galasso and Natural Water Gardens, Inc.  We challenge anyone to find a higher quality, more knowledgeable pond builder than Rod and his company.  He will always have our referral!  Sincerely,

Sherrod & Jennifer Allen

Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job on our pondless waterfall.  We just love it!  Our new swimming pool was the focal point of our backyard - but now the WATERFALL IS!

It is so rare to find a contractor who. listens to your wants and ideas and actually incorporates them, starts and finishes when he says he will, works within the budget and still produces a beautiful product, and truly wants his customers to be totally satisfied with the end result.  Rod you are a rare breed among contractors!

We love showing off our waterfall, so if you ever want to bring potential customers by or if they want to talk to us, just give us a call. Thanks for everything!

Mike & Debbie Warner

I just wanted to thank you so very much for the wonderful job you did at our home. You took an area of our garden which was overgrown, and virtually a waste of space into the highlight, and center piece of our garden. I am including a couple of photo's and thank you for the quality of your work and the professional manner in which everything was carried out. Sincerely, Clive Taylor

The moment we purchased our new home we knew we wanted a water feature. We were put in touch with Rod from Natural Water Gardens, Inc. He answered all of our questions concerning where, size, design, cost, etc. and needless to say it was a "go". Rod explained each step of the installation as it went along... and within 2 to 3 weeks we were the owners of a beautiful waterfall and pond. Our pond gives us much pleasure, with the sound of the falling water, the beautiful landscape, plus watching all of the fish and birds enjoying the water as well. We are very pleased with Rod and Natural Water Gardens, Inc., and would recommend them to any and all. Thanks Much.

Millie and Wayne Stewart

We were looking for something different than what everyone else had in their front yard and when we saw your water feature at Tom's Farms, we felt we had found it. We were out for the day, and when we came home there was a message from the customer relations manager here at Solera, telling us that he drove by our house that morning, and "saw the best looking front yard water feature that he had ever seen", and he congratulated us on the design and our choice of landscaper. It was then we knew we had accomplished our goal. Thank you so much! We have had so many compliments from the people here at Solera - one lady thanked us for sharing the waterfall with everyone." Thanks Again.

Manny & Marcia Gomez

I am writing this letter to let you know how happy Deb and I are with the waterfall that you created for us in our back yard.

I was really impressed with how you were able to gather basic information from us and then design a waterfall that turned out better than our expectations.  It looks absolutely wonderful!  Every person that goes into my back yard makes a comment as to how great the waterfall looks.

I also appreciate your dedication to our waterfall project once you got started.  It was really refreshing to work with a company who really "delivers the goods". Your understanding of our needs and your ability to follow through with your commitment was truly impressive.

I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend your services to anyone!  Please feel free to use us as a reference I wish you the best and it was great working with you! 

Dwight and Debbie Jereczek

We want you to know how pleased we are with the water garden you created for us.  We greatly appreciated and welcomed the time you took helping u develop a design that would best suit our requirements. Your creative ideas and suggestions show that you take a personal interest in the appearance and enjoyment of your client's yards.

The craftsmanship and care of your hard working crew was impressive.  The work was started on the agreed upon date and was completed ahead of schedule.  Your personal involvement in the layout and installation made us realize that every one of your water gardents is a unique creatsion.  Cleanup after completion was immaculate.  The water garden looked as though it had just been dropped into place.

People who see it for the first time remark that it is truly a work of art and we could not agree more. It is as restful to sit beside and look at it is relaxing to listen to.

It has and will continue to give us hours of pleasure. We cannot thank you enough

Bonnie and Gene Rubel

Rod and his company, Natural Water Gardens, Inc. has transformed a small yard that has a high wall, into the most awesome tropical place with his magnificent waterfall and plantings.  You can see our waterfall as soon as you open the front door, and everyone who comes in just gasps.

I've been told by some of the people from our association, who have to approve all of the landscaping, that ours is one of - if not the most beautiful waterfall in the whole community.

Rod is inspired.  I simply told him the feeling I wanted to get when I looked out back, and he took it from there. It surpassed our expectations!!  It has brought us so much pleasure. Rod is a delight to work with and a very fine, honorable individual.

Sandy & Jerry Rubin

Natural Water Gardens Inc. has provided a peaceful sanctuary for my family. My experience with Natural Water Gardens Inc. has been wonderful and unexpected from contractors these days. From the first day that Rod arrived at my home, I felt an immense sense of comfort with his customer service and knowledge of contracting. Rod spoke confidently about his contracting background, offered examples of previous work, and even offered to schedule visitation to other water gardens if my family desired.

Rod sat down with my family, discussed water garden options to include cost, and accessories. He provided referrals to water and fish stores in the area, so that we had the opportunity to choose the items we desired for our water garden, or he can pick up the items for you.

Construction itself was simply faster than I expected, Natural Water Gardens Inc. was completed with the project sooner than estimated. This was a surprise since a contractor from the valley complete our original waterfall, two months behind schedule. And after completion, we ended up with something that looked like a multi-low level dam, using a swimming pool.

Natural Water Gardens Inc. dismantled the existing eyesore, and used the foundation to construct a 15-foot stream, with several waterfall drops along the way to our beautiful water garden. With the removal of the old waterfall, and installation of backyard art, my family now relaxes on the swing, or in the Jacuzzi while saving nearly $100 a month in electric costs.

Natural Water Gardens Inc., also offers periodic checkups on your water garden, to keep it in biological balance to support the life you have given to your home. Rod himself stops in to check on the stability of your system, through annual cleanings, and natural bacteria to help balance the life within your water garden.

Brock Kartes

We are very pleased with the outcome of our pondless waterfall. It has become the focal point of our yard. The sound is soothing and the natural material make it appears as though it was put there by nature. Thank you.

Candy Delgado
Brea, CA

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much we appreciate the work you have done so far on our project. Was really happy to see the progress when I got home from my ever popular jury duty today, and just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the design and detailing so far!

The light placement you did today should be VERY nice and should really highlight the design features.

Take care and thanks again for your eye to detail so far!

Mark Bratka ‑ Jurist of the week

Needless to say, we are enjoying our new backyard waterfall. I really enjoy just going out there to sit and listen to the flowing water while taking in the sheer beauty of the natural rock formations that you've created. We have shown our new feature off to many of our neighbors and they have all been very impressed. Thanks again for the wonderful enhancement to our backyard.

James E. Hansen